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Solutions Tailored To Fit Your Business

LEE Diversified Consulting Group offers a broad range of targeted, tailored offerings proven to help organizations accelerate the results that matter most to them. Our offerings can be used independently, or in combination, to complement your overall business plans. We invite you to explore our core offerings: 

Strategy Development, Alignment and Execution

We employ simple, straightforward approaches to help develop and align your organization's strategic framework. Then, we'll work with you to fully integrate it into your management system to dramatically increase the odds of successful execution.

Senior Team Alignment and Effectiveness

Acknowledging the critical influence that senior leadership teams have on an organization's performance, we use proven methods to assess and improve alignment at the top between culture, values, strategies, and management systems. Periodic alignment tuning at the senior level of an organization is essential to sustaining peak performance and can lead to dramatically improved organizational effectiveness and business results.

Accelerated Change Execution

Accelerated Change Execution (ACE) is a scalable problem-solving methodology designed to help executives tackle complex business problems by bringing together the right people, right information, and right sponsorship in order to deliver the right business solutions. The methodology has proven successful at driving major change at organizations like GE, IBM, Delta Airlines, Boeing and many, many others.

Our team of skilled consultants has the experience to thoroughly diagnose complex organizational performance issues and then, apply ACE to accelerate improvement. We have years of experience helping organizations, across multiple industries, identify the right problems, the key inhibitors and the most practical solutions to drive sustainable results. We work with our clients from problem diagnosis through management system integration to ensure success.

Leadership Alignment, Capability and Effectiveness 

We utilize tested constructs to help our clients optimize their leadership and organizational strengths and address potential derailment factors that could limit their effectiveness and future potential. We tailor our approach to fit the client's desired pace and outcomes. We can design and deliver tailored offerings for executives, managers, future leaders and organizations that will complement and support your strategic priorities.

Customer and Employee Satisfaction Management

Due to their high degree of interdependence, our experience is that these two critical domains are best managed in an integrated fashion. The costs of acquiring new customers and employees are significantly greater than the costs of retaining them. Yet many organizations struggle with managing these key relationships in ways that improve retention. With many years of experience designing and managing customer and employee satisfaction programs, our team can assess your current approached and then, help target improvement opportunities designed to increase satisfaction, engagement and retention.

Would You Like to Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more about any of our core offerings, please contact us and we’ll be happy to send you a one-page overview. Contact Us Today!

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